Coumadin ID bracelets for men… will they wear them?

When it comes to medical bracelets for men, one of the most common notifications we are requested to engrave on the bracelet is the phrase “On Coumadin“. While we do get requests for on Plavix or warfarin, the men that request Coumadin bracelets are more than twice that of Plavix or warfarin.

All three of these are prescription blood thinners and it is extremely important that anyone trying to assist someone on these drugs be aware of how fast these patients can lose blood. It doesn’t take a serious cut to create a real bleeding problem when you’re on these medications.

Coumadin Bracelet for Men

Coumadin Bracelet for Men

Overall, men consider themselves tough and don’t like to think or portray that they need special help in any way. However, blood thinners are one of the few things that men take seriously enough to actually consider wearing medical ID. We offer a nice selection of manly ID tags and bracelets that won’t embarrass most men. We’re sure you’ll find something that he will be willing to wear on a daily basis in our store.

Coumadin ID Bracelet for Men

Coumadin Bracelet for Men

Coumadin ID Bracelet In Gold

Coumadin Bracelet in Gold

Sports Coumadin Bracelet for Men

Coumadin Sports Bracelet for Men


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